Who is the Village?


The questions I love to ask is how can we impact The Village.


What are we doing to improve ~ impact ~ inspire others in our Village?



Empowering the Village is on a mission to create harmonious homes by reducing stress for everyone in the village.

The well known quote, “It takes a village to raise a child”, is so much more than children!!

It is about how important it is to have others support in your life that you can depend on throughout various stages of life. Having everybody within the village feel empowered, supported, and to know they are never alone in this crazy thing we call life.

Empowering the Village’s target is to encourage everyone to choose what truly works for them by honoring their own desires, while at the same time inviting everyone to come together to create a future of contribution to their community.

The vision is for our village to function from a space of encouragement, supporting one another, gaining wellness, and spreading joy throughout the community.

Life gets messy and at times dark and heavy, the key is to not stay in that space alone and ask for help to navigate towards ease, joy, and harmony no matter what the current situation is today. With this vision we see this being the invitation to allow everyone to feel what they feel and be empowered to choose what works for them while knowing their community has their back.

One act of kindness, one thought of gratitude, one pause for acknowledgment, one source of empowerment for ourselves and one another has powerful ripple effects of massive contribution far greater than we can even imagine!

What would it take for that to show up in our village, our nation, our world right away with total ease?

How can The Village help you?




Ready for Peace!

Ready for Ease!!

Ready for Calm!!!


About Me


How I went from overstressed and feeling like

I was Everything to Everyone, to finding my truth

of being my true calm ~ relaxed ~ healing

self ready to take on the World!!

Here is my journey on bringing a bit of magic into people’s lives…

Vulnerable Strength

Vulnerable Strength

So lets get to it … How many of you have judged?  Others, sure … Ourselves, All Day Long!! Maybe not as much as you have gotten older & wiser or maybe worse because you may have all the Should of’s, Could of’s, Would of’s to reflect back on which keep the judgements...