Lauren’s Story

5 years ago, I had everything one would see as a happy life – A charming home, an adoring husband, a healthy child, a successful job, etc. And yet I was anxious, controlling, and miserable. The anxiety felt suffocating, turned into panic attacks to the point I would temporarily lose my vision. I kept searching for ways to change it – with no success and I thought for sure this was a life sentence!!

 It felt like no one really knew or could really understood the depths of my struggle inside.

I was good at keeping the peace, pulling the smile together, and doing everything for everyone out of obligation because it was just easier to do it myself then ask for help. What I wasn’t good at was giving myself permission for any self-care to take a break, recharge, renew, and explore my own curiosity of life. This created the vicious cycle to continue and lead to intense self-judgement, resentment towards my husband & son, and honestly, I felt I was so broken that I couldn’t be fixed.

Good News Alert!!

I Never Gave Up, I Never Quit seeking for something else Possible to change this. And as if by Magic – I did find something that worked & many tools to go beyond the mental angst that had once crippled my existence.


So how does this relate to my mission today?
Great Question . . .



“Empowered Moms, Empowering Kids to Empower the World.”

40 Million Adults in America including 25% of kids suffer by the most common mental illness - Anxiety!!  (And I think those numbers are on the conservative side)

What is the impact when we don't allow ourselves a break, encourage our partners to take the day off, be a friend by just listening without trying to fix it, or by not internally finding peace??

The impact Is that people will continue to struggle in silence and the family unit breaks down. The impact can be life or death scenario - I have heard people taking their lives, I have seen families torn apart, I have witnessed people not honoring themselves or seeing their worth, their beauty, their brilliance.

What is Right About You?

We have become so fixated at seeing what is Wrong with us that we don’t see what is Right about us!!


I have a mission for everyone to see the brilliance of themselves, be kind to themselves, release the inner voice filled with judgment, and Relax into Life.

Some of my favorite kids are the ones that others don’t really “get”, the labels of ADD, ADHD, Autism or general behavioral issues for me are just kids with a higher level of brilliance that many people just don’t get.

And that is ok, I see it!

So how do I get to the kids???

I reflected on my own journey – What helped me see the beauty of my gifts,
the ability to receive contribution from my own child, the gift of even being able to call myself someone’s Mother??

Relieving and Dissipating Stress!!

Stress Relief for me was finally taking a deep breathe when I didn't realize I was even holding my breath!!

I knew the key was to Embrace the parents, offer them tools that I used for myself and my son by being an advocate for Self - Care.

Debunking the belief that self-care was Selfish!! 

What happens when this doesn't occur??

The impact affects families staying together, individuals seeing their worth, and our community - our village declines. It’s a ripple effect when 1 person goes into isolation.

When mom is miserable - guess what ... so is the household in one way or the other. This leads to kids having to try and deal with their "support system" being impatient, not present, and certainly not empowering them.

Empowered Moms, Empowering Kids to empower the World.

That is what Empowering the Village is all about!

And now I can see the gift my son is to me, I can receive the contribution he wants to provide back to me. As much as I have worked to empower him to know he is a gift – he has done the same for me.

Kids are our future and I am grateful today that I did stick around – physically and mentally present!!

And now today – when I smile, it is genuine; when I offer my hand to help, it is with true desire to contribute – I no longer function from Obligation Instead I function from Contributing Energy to share with others, It not only IS possible to move beyond stress, anxiety and depression; you can in really simple practical ways

What drives me to never give up now??

  • This is for the Moms who feel they are doing the best they can – And still feel it’s not enough
  • For the kids who think they are stupid and just don’t get how brilliant they are yet
  • For the Veterans/1st responders that struggle silently with PTSD
  • For the families struggling how to help their loved ones move beyond suicidal thoughts or self-inflicted injury

For the 40+ Million Americans struggling in Silence…

I see you and I see your beauty even if you don’t – You Are Worthy and Valuable to this World!!

This road to find relief is NOT IMpossible – We may have a different story of our journey and we all can come together to Support one another.

If you have made it this far … Thank you for not giving up!!


You are Stronger than you realize and a Gift to our Village, our World!!

Lauren Stegenga