Its true, stress in some form is just part of life. Whether its situational or ongoing … we have all been there.

If you are ready for stress relief, you may be interested in a practical approach to relieving stress with the following techniques…

A little biology first, 
Your body sounds the alarm and produces hormones and instructions to Flight-Fight or even Freeze are flowing before you even visually recognize what is going on. Our amazing talented body does NOT know the difference between you stressing over bills, challenges in family, work pressures, heavy traffic or a lion chasing you!! 

Here’s the Good News – We can reduce this response and get out of a chronic state of stress. 

Yes… Stress Relief is Possible!!

It is your choice. I find having information about my options helps me choose what resonates with me the most. 

By first recognizing you may be stressing out is also when you can be honest and tell your body to Knock it Off … there is no Lion!!

The first technique that will benefit you may also be the most annoying one, many will roll their eyes and ignore it. But here’s the thing, practical and simple tools can also mean dynamic tools. 

We sometimes want to make things so complicated, and I am here to remind you, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

A Technique to Relieve Stress is to Focus on Your Breathing. 

If you are reading this I know 2 things about you … You are interested in Stress Relief and You are Breathing 

Not your normal breathing … which may be rapid or shallow top lung breathing… I mean the deep kind.

This will help you focus on your breathe, which helps you stay in the present moment and control the only thing you can … YOU. It allows your body to relax and your mind to get to clarity. 

Here are 2 kinds of breathing to implement now while relaxed so your body can recall this when stressed, 

1. 5-5-7 

  • Exhale all your breathe out
  • Then breathing in at a count of 5
  • Holding breathe for a count of 5 
  • Exhaling breathe for a count of 7 
  • Repeat for 5-10 times 

2. Inhale Ease, Exhale Junk 

  • Focus on exhaling slowly through your mouth while thinking of releasing something not contributing to your optimal health.
    For example, Pain, Distress, Uncertainty, Guilt, Anger, or Anxiety
  • Focus on inhaling slowly and deeply through your nose while thinking of inviting something calming in your inhale.
    For example, Ease, Joy, Harmony, Peace, Confidence or Relaxation
  • Repeat 5-10 times: Exhaling Junk 🌬 Inhaling Treasures 💝

Give it a try and let me know how you did. Stress Relieving is one of my specialties and there is plenty more to share with you!! 

For an expedited process to reduce stress to clear the path to Ease, Joy, and Harmony of your life … Lauren is offering a special on a package of her energy balancing sessions when purchased in November 2019 in honor of Stress Reduction Month.

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