So lets get to it … How many of you have judged? 

Others, sure … Ourselves, All Day Long!!

Maybe not as much as you have gotten older & wiser or maybe worse because you may have all the Should of’s, Could of’s, Would of’s to reflect back on which keep the judgements alive & strong. 

It gets me curious,  

What if we are judging a character of us as an awful ugly part of us that actually, with a little bit of a preceptive shift, could be our Greatest Strength?

What if we could shift that flaw into being seen as a Gift to be acknowledged, honored, and shared?

Sounds great, but lets bring it down from the ethers for a moment and bring the practical sense  into our lives. 

What is the biggest judgey thought you have had of yourself?

I’m too loud
I’m too shy
I’m too slow
I’m too smart (comes up a lot during dating men)
I’m too indecisive
I’m too talkative
I’m too this, I’m too that

What if we flipped these into the greatest assets we have??!!

I’ll share one of mine … I am Too Sensitive.  

I thought my ultra sensitivity & wearing my heart on my sleeve kind of person was a bad thing for sooo many years. 

I feel everything – All the emotions, sometimes at once. I cry at commercials. I cannot even watch trailers of scary movies because it’s like the horror is happening to me, I can truly put myself in others lives and feel their pain.  This led me to avoid crowds and didn’t initiate the conversations in groups appearing like I was shy or reserved. 

Empathic qualities felt sometimes like a curse and showed up appearing like anxiety for me. 

I didn’t know how to handle the bombardment of emotions flooding my world when in crowds or why anxiety would appear to come out of no where. 

Until I heard this idea …

“What we judge the most about ourselves is actually our greatest strength”

How could this sensitivity that has crippled me so much growing up be an actual strength to celebrate?


As I explored this I started to understand and see how I actually was contributing to others. I could begin to see how shifting my thoughts to my sensitive essence as a strength allowed that part of my to thrive.  

Having empathetic qualities as part of my essence is an amazing quality to have!!

Allows me to connect with others quickly and deeply
✨ I can resonate with others without words needed to explain what they are going though
I can trust my instincts, my intuition without logically needing to explain it
✨I know when something is off with others without explanation  
I actually love being with people and naturally extroverted
✨People Trust Me, Like Me. Confide in Me
These are the gifts of a sensitive are not a curse

Now I see my sensitivity serving me and our community well!! 

Now when I walk into a room, my body cues me in that anxiety is here. I don’t turn away to run or try to ignore it any more. I can help calm my body down and the room itself actually. 

Now, Consider what you are judging about you. How can we flip those into strengths?

  • Slow or detailed orientated
  • Procrastination may be you trying to prove how Potent you are by getting projects done last minute as if by magic. 
  • Too sensitive or a Pure Empathetic Heart
  • Too Loud or a Voice that demands to be heard
  • Too shy or a way to pull people towards you
  • Dramatic or an entertainer
  • Talkative or a Connector of Magnitude 

I find when we can identify these parts of us, we can actually connect and serve more people. When we release the judgements we hold, our friends, family, and clients are given permission to release theirs as well.

Our Vulnerability is Our Strengths

Would you be willing to share what you think or once thought was awful about you and how you can now Flip that into your Strength? 

If you are having a hard time Embracing Who You Are …
You have Permission to BE YOU!!
If you need help, I am here to support you during your journey!!