I can Now Accept this Award!! 
Early in September I thought I was just a guest at a gala to support a beautiful woman and her vision to help heal adult survivors of child sex abuse by starting the Say Something Campaign. Then I was told I would be receiving an award at this event. At the time I could not comprehend why I deserved an award at such an event. This gracious lady who has survived so much, wanted to acknowledge me?!?! This event was not for me, this was about her vision of a new world, a safer world, a world where we ALL Say Something without guilt, shame, or fear. To Say Something means a step into healing.
She mentioned how important it has been in her world to be very present with her family, the driving force in her business actually, and how this foundation she is starting all relates. She was honoring people who were impacting the community and staying present with their mission.
The award I was to receive was titled “MVP Award Recipient for your contribution to the entrepreneurial community” How fancy is that!
I honestly went into a beyond comprehension mode, a blank space of…I DID, Me???
Not until several days later, had it stunk in and how honored I was to have been chosen for this Award. It wasn’t until I heard my friend Damita McGhee describe to the guests at the event what she sees in me, how I have contributed to her world.
I have been replaying her words in my head since then about how impactful I am to the community, always there with encouraging, empowering words. And her favorite word to describe me is Delightful …
It has always been so fascinating to me to listen to someone talk about me. Not in a self-absorbed way, more of intrigue of what do other people see in me that I just might not take the time to acknowledge.
I was at a loss of words as to what to say, how to receive it, and even just recognizing that people were taking notice of what I was doing to for and with the community. I just thought I was just being me and having some chats with people while supporting their journey.
I didn’t realize the impact I was having on others, I didn’t realize people were really taking notice. You truly never know how your words, your actions, your presence will impact someone.

So keep speaking,
because someone is listening whether you know it or not


The award states “contributing to the entrepreneurial community”, but it is so much more, the examples she gave were not us just talking because we have businesses, that was her and I supporting each other because we both are interested in building a community with the foundation of empowerment, and we just so happen to be in each others community and our communities often overlap
You see Supporting my community, my Village has been a journey and a passion. My business was created on the foundation of Empowering the Village, creating harmonious homes for moms, and removing the stigma from mental health
While I was listening to her say all these lovely, funny, delightful stories about me, as my husband sat next to me in the audience, all the examples she gave were about community.
And so as I reflect on my journey today, it is very clear to me that I am able to show support to my community whether you are in business or not for a few reasons,
  • I genuinely care about you, whether I know you or not yet. My curiosity for others runs deep
  • I do not do this alone. I have encouraging support around me by design.
  • I am on a mission and looking for others to join me
So as I receive this award of being recognized for supporting my community, I reflect on who has been my support so I can be there for my village …
And there are many. The one person who I want to recognize is someone who knows me better than anyone (which isn’t always fun) And that is my husband.
Just a quick story…
Back when I wanted to leave my science career and start my own business, not many could understand why. I got a lot of feedback wondering if I could just find a new company to work for?? Many were concerned as to how I would pull it off, and I get it… I was wondering the same thing. He was the only person who’s opinion I really cared about though, I needed his support or I really wasn’t sure if I could do it.

And guess what he said,

“We have been through alot together, more than what many know, and we have always been ok. Follow your dreams and this path you are being called to pursue.”

Those words are constantly going through my head.


Hearing that back then and remembering this today, gives me the strength to continue this journey and with his support, I continue to be able to support my village.


With his support, I support you
With his care for our children – I get to be there & care for you
With his encouragement for me to take the space I need & care for myself – I get to show you how important Self-Care is for you
With his unconditional undeniable adoration contributing energy for me – I get to show you just how beautiful you are

If you don’t have a village – Make one – Join one – Ask for one to show up
I did all of the above and I am grateful for this journey
Grateful for all the good bad and ugly which has brought me to this exact moment to be able to Receive this Award from Ms Damita McGhee the trailblazer visionary founder of UPM and co-founder of the www.SaySomethingChampaign.com