Contribution Tools have made a HUGE difference for me and I contribute them for the ease, joy, and glory I have in my world today. Would you be willing to receive an amazing contribution of positive influence? What if you allowed yourself to Play with it, if only just for today?

Homeplay Tool:

What is Right about This I am not getting?

I find that questions, not answers have open up my world to say the least. And often when I get stuck on something or find myself trying to figure something out like a hamster wheel I tell myself STOP! Then I can go into a question with ease.
One of my favorite questions to ask myself is,

What is Right about THIS I am not getting?  and even better What is Right about ME I am not getting??

And if you are wondering what’s the point to this…well a question stops the insanity of judgement and into more ease, more clarity, and directs you to more awareness of what will contribute to you!

I’ve used these questions to get out of some moments of intense of grief to moments where I’ve just “lost” my keys and late for a meeting – What is right about this??? 

Who knows, maybe I just missed a major accident?? What I do know is that this Universe of ours Values us and loves to Contribute to us. Would you be willing to play with these questions and see what changes you see for yourself?

Give it a try  – I would love to hear how it goes if you choose to play.