The thought of leaping into the unknown can be a common space of massive anxiety induced time…

I knew infinite possibilities were available to me, so why was I reluctant to leap?

I could “fail” and I also knew I am very resource, creative, highly skilled, a kind person with a dose of humor – so if my choice causes me to be flat on my face seriously… What is the worst that can happen??

​I go back to my science background world? I have a few more bills to pay? Well that really didn’t seem so bad…​so what is holding me back???

Regrets are not allowed in my life. I kept asking…Is now the time to do choose this?

I may be changing my career, but I also get to take all my trainings, all my education, all my life and work experience with me.
Who am I kidding…I’m not just changing careers – I am creating my own business!!

I knew my current situation was no longer working for me, so as I was considering my choices I heard a different take on the Leap of Faith.

It had to do with viewing yourself as the strong core tree trunk and extending out your branches to new experiences. That seemed way more doable to me! I am a extremely visual person so growing another branch sounded amazing compared to jumping off a cliff!!

No leaping into space fluttering around making sure I was strong enough to fly, hoping the universe would have my back -front – and sides enough to maintain the wind beneath me…

This tree strength – now that I can do… as I envisioned it, I was flooded with joy

As I stand here I am acknowledging the core strength I have,
I stand here acknowledging I am the source of my creations,

I stand here aware of my surroundings,
hearing the whispers the wind carries closer,
hearing the birds singing as they soar.
Gratitude for all of it.

Today I made a choice to grow a new branch knowing that my core will be the strength required to nurture my new creations.

Breathing in new fresh possibilities.
Not trying to control when the wind will come,
instead inviting it to dance with my leaves 

Dropping my seedlings for new creations,
not disturbing the dirt to see if its growing.
Instead I focus my attention to where I would like to grow,
who I would like to surround myself with, and being willing to be vulnerable.

In my vulnerability lays my greatest strength…ME as me

No longer hiding behind the gates, no longer sitting with fear, no longer watching from the sidelines.

I know I have the power, the potency, the capacities to create the world I would like to live in. That is not a leap…That is me trusting me

I am on a mission, well many missions, and the attention of a specific goal may change, but what doesn’t change is the core of that mission – To Empower!!

What I have realized though is that to begin Empowering the Village, I had to empower myself first. And how do I do that???

Feed my tree with Acknowledgment – Gratitude – Asking – Receiving and repeat