A complex journey we call Motherhood 🕊️

A journey starting with uncertainty of the desire to be a mother which
then turned into

A journey of excitement and thrill of truly desiring a child then

A journey turning into desperately obsessively wanting motherhood

A journey of heartbreak, struggle, anxiety, envy of years of not being a

A journey of Allowance, Nurturing, Trusting and Faith

A journey of joyful tears, gratitude, and falling in love with a child

A journey of struggle, anxiousness, overwhelm getting lost in motherhood

A journey of empowerment by firing myself from motherhood

A journey of letting go of expectations, fantasy, judgments of myself as
a mother

A journey of hiring myself as a guide instead

A journey of peace, kindness, gratitude, inspiring moments

A journey of overwhelming joy, pain, laughter,
and tears

A journey of receiving the contribution the little bodies were so
desperately trying to give me

A journey of loss
A journey of rainbows

A Journey, A Journey, A Journey

Reminding myself …


Stop waiting Start creating

No perfect setting, no perfect age


The Good – The Bad – The Ugly

Reflecting ✨Guiding ✨Empowering ✨

Giving ✨ Receiving

This is not just a journey …

This is MY Journey as a Mother to a son, a daughter, and an angel above