My 2 year old daughter was in the bath, I was on the bench there reviewing some messages on my phone.

I looked up for a moment, caught an image of my daughter playing in the water, and it all clicked…

​Stop waiting for others to See your Brilliance!!!

See, what I just had witnessed was my daughter taking a teapot and pouring water into a cup during her bath. When she completed pouring the water into the cup, she clapped for herself…Herself!!!

She did not ask for my acknowledgement, she was just doing her thing. And I recognized how much she does this all the time!!

When she puts her sock on by herself… she claps
She puts a blanket over a toy to hide it… she claps
She climbs up on a chair… she claps
She spins around and around and falls… she claps

Nothing is too small to celebrate in her world!!

So simple, right….

While watching her I was flooded with the visions of everywhere I wasn’t clapping for myself and how much I was holding my breath for permission – outside validation – someone…anyone to cheer me on within my life.

And then I look back at this little beauty of a girl clapping for Herself about anything and everything.
Her back was to me when I saw this and she didn’t know I was watching.

She’s doing everything for her own pure joy of it.

Living life and being excited about it.

I’ll have some of that!! All day and night.

I had not even realized I had been waiting for this. It’s a long waiting game at best. And what is the value of getting claps from others? Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy receiving applaudable feedback.

Today though, Applause is just not my target.

My target is to get clear on what brings me JOY, what impact I can have to my village (near and far) and share my gifts that can change the world.

I see the world in a unique way, as I am sure you do too.

I see beauty EVerYWhere and in EveryOne.  And – I do that regardless of if anyone is watching.

I am creating my living for my joy, and when I do that is what creates people wanting to be near me. They are attracted by the energy of that JOY. When I write an article, create a workshop, or even when I share kindness on a post in social media..

I am doing it for me and my joy!

And when I do all of this now, you can bet I am clapping for myself. 

Here’s an example of how I implement this into my living…

Recently I was invited to be part of a 24 hour livestream of experts in all different types of fields from shifting mindset to financial advice to how to create an amazing pitch email, hosted by the Co-opvertising Network for Entrepreneurs. I was actually blown away my name was on the same list as these presenters.

My segment was a bit rough (in my point of view), I know I will do better next time.
I had so much I could talk about and was only on a few hours of sleep, I just felt I was getting lost in all the information I have available to me, and that I actually did a different topic then I had planned for.

Beyond these excuses though was an opportunity to use the tools I had talked about in my segment and put them into action.

Because here is the deal… I don’t just educate people about getting out of judgement with mindfulness and mind thought interruption, I use these tools myself.

I could have gone into judgment about myself because I wasn’t as polished as them, felt less than prepared, and even felt a bit like a fish out of water with the live streaming.


I was Grateful for the experience!!
…clapping for me getting out of my comfort zone

Reminded myself there are No such thing as Mistakes!!
…clapping for myself for recognizing I KNOW I will do better next time

Celebrated me for being vulnerable and going into front of people on such a platform!!
…clapping for myself and for challenging myself to do more Live videos to get more comfortable!!

So, now I have a base line and guess what – It will only go up from here. The cool thing is. I know people had my back – supporting me and probably clapping and celebrating with me too.

And so I continue to take a moment to stay present, celebrate everything even what may appear as a rough, and ask myself questions…

How does it get any better than this? 


What is right about this I am not getting?