How to stop resisting an Easeful – Life: Stop Resisting Hangers!!

Have you ever heard “What you Resist, Persists” ??

While a year or so ago I was apparently resisting purchasing hangers.

Clothing Hangers!!! Yes the apparatus one uses to hang up clothing in a closet.

Simply put, I had more clothes then hangers. I knew this yet for some reason I would not go buy more. I would get so frustrated when I would run out and have to fold my clothing.

I spent about over a year without enough hangers. Now this my friend is one year too long of living with frustration, annoyance, and unnecessary grief.

Logically I could have purchased them, but I didn’t. I just allowed myself to continue to be frustrated once a week during laundry time.

So does this seem insane to you also? Why was I making life hard?

Were they too expensive?
Was I judging myself that I had too many clothes?
Was I being lazy to actually go to store or online to purchase this?

All possibilities.

And then one magically day I just so happened to be at a store and passed by the aisle with, you guessed it …


And OMG are you serious 10 hangers are only $1.99???????????????


I stopped in my tracks and laughed out loud, a sigh of relief, and yes also quite annoyed with myself … I knew better!!
I seriously struggled for a year over $2??? That is what I call Insanity!!!!

After I purchased 2 packs, a huge sense of relief came over me and the question…

Why did I wait soooo long????

What if this wasn’t about hangers at all? What is the underlying lesson here?

What really dawned on me at that moment was that I had been resisting something.

What was I resisting? Wanna guess???

What if this was more about creating and having Ease in my life?

I was resisting the energy of an Easeful Living, so in return a life of struggle and frustration lingered instead.

I remind myself of this example often. Any time I resist something and the choice loops in my mind over and over, I recall my hanger example and ask,

What is the value of resisting this?

This question is tapping into the energy of the choice.

I have recognized when I resist something so intensely – me actually choosing it might actually contribute to my living.

This became very clear with, of all things, hangers!!!

Another indicator I am resisting something instead of choosing ease is if it loops in my head. It can feel like a monkey mind trap!!

I can easily make choices now – however when I can’t seem to move forward with one, my recipe to change that is to step back, be present with it, stay in the curiosity and ask myself questions to get clear on what choice would actually contribute to me, my body, my living.

Am I resisting something?
What am I gaining here by resisting this?
Is this choice creating or decaying my living?

What are you resisting that is actually creating the persistence of a hardship?

When I am resisting something, I am actually taking myself out of being really present and consciously choosing.

What are you resisting that you are actually allowing to stay part of your life?

And remember this is a judgment free zone – so please do not judge if you find yourself resisting, just continue to ask questions and be your amazing self.

Stay curious my friends and if you need hangers … go today and buy some!